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  • PCC-501 Cementitous Capillary Crystalline Waterproof Coating

    “YUHONG” brand PCC-501 Cementitous capillary crystalline waterproof coating is a powder rigid waterproof material, consists of the base of special cement and quartz sand etc, and the additive of active chemicals.When use ,we add water to form pulp , and coat on the surface of concrete, after solidification there will be a rigid attached coating , the active chemical seep into concrete by water carrier and catalyze the silicate in the concrete to produce crystal which does not dissolve in water, this crystal stuffs the pores and blind cracks of concrete to compact the concrete, to achieve seepage resistance and waterproof purpose.
  • PMC-421 Polymer Modified Cementitous Waterproof Mortar

    “YUHONG” brand PMC-421 Polymer Modified Cement-Based Waterproof Mortar is bi-component water-based polymer modified flexible type rigid waterproof coating, which is made out of the organic liquid materials of high quality acrylate emulsion and various additives, together with inorganic powder materials of special cement and various fillers, by a certain proportion formulation.
  • PMC-426 Two Components Polymer Cement Waterproof Mortar

    “YUHONG” brand PMC-426 Two Components Polymer Cement Waterproof Mortar consists of polymer emulsion,inorganic bond material, filler and modifier, after mixing at certain proportion, we are able to blade coat on base. It has barrier-free, strong bonding strength and water resistant features.
  • FDB-401 Waterproof Plugging Stoppage Material

    “YUHONG” brand FDB-401 Waterproof Plugging Stoppage Material is a powder waterproof leaking stoppage material made out of special cement and additive by a very special technical processing, used for damp proofing, antipermeation and leaking stoppage engineering.

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