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  • PMT thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproof sheet material

    “YUHONG”brand TPO waterproof sheet material is made out of the binder of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) which combined by EPR and polypropylene with advanced polymerization technology. Its reinforcing material is polyester fiber gridding fabrics, and the whole process of the waterproof sheet material manufacturing is used advanced technology.
  • PMH-3040 High Density Polyethylene Self-Adhesive Waterproof Sheet Material

    “YUHONG” brand PMH-3040 High Density Polyethylene Self-Adhesive Film Waterproof Sheet Material (Briefly,HDPE Self-Adhesive Film Waterproof Sheet Material),this is a waterproof sheet material which is specially designed for underground engineering constructions with international advanced technology, it can bind the later cast concrete form a firm structure. It takes the specially-made high density thermoplastic polyethylene (HDPE) film as waterproof base material, on one side of HDPE film we cover with macromolecule self-adhesive film and on the exposed surface of composite adhesive phase we apply weather-resistant protecting layer and insulating layer, it belongs to macromolecule self-adhesive film waterproof sheet material. There is 70mm wide composite adhesive band for overlapping joint along longitudinal direction of the sheet material. There is self-healing function for its self-adhesive layer and weatherresistant layer, which reacts with liquid concrete and cures to be a waterproof layer.  This layer binds with concrete firmly and gaplessly, stopping water fleeing, therefore it is able to increase the liability of waterproof system.
  • PME-EVA Plastic Waterproof Board

    “YUHONG” brand PME-EVA Plastic Waterproof Board is a flake waterproof material with certain thickness, which is made out of the base materials of ethylene-EVA, together with dedicated auxiliary and inhibitor. It is extruded and presspolished .The appearance of product is semi-transparent white color, and it is also called plastic waterproof board in “Underground Engineering Technical Regulation”.

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