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PMB-741 Elastomer(SBS)Modified Bituminous Waterproof Sheet Material

Product specification: 1000mm
Execution standard: Nation Standard GB 18242-2008 “Elastomer Modified Bituminous Waterproof Sheet Material”
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Product introduction

Type and Specification

·Classified by filler base: Polyester filler (PY), glass fiber filler(G) and glass fiber reinforced polyester filler (PYG).
·Classified by upper surface isolation materials: Polyethylene film (PE), fine sand (S) and mineral particle (M).
·Classified by lower surface isolation materials: Fine sand (S) (note: the mineral particle with the fine sand diameter not more than 0.6mm) and polyethylene film (PE).
·Classified by the physical and mechanical properties:Type Ⅰ and Type Ⅱ .

Specification Table of Elastomer Modified Bituminous Waterproof Sheet Material

 Nominal Thickness(mm)




 Filler base type




 Upper surface material





 Lower surface materia







 Area/( ㎡ /roll)




Specification: Nominal width of sheet material is 1000 mm


—Filament polyester filler base sheet material:
·The combination of filament polyester filler base and SBS modified bitumen forms an excellent comprehensive performance and high quality waterproof sheet material;
·High strength waterproof layer and strong water pressure resistance;
·Good performance of breaking resistance, tearing resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, mould resistance and weather resistance;
·High tensile strength, high elongation, high adaptive capacity to base shrinkage deformation and fracture;
·Good resistance performance of low and high temperature: It could still work under -20℃ , be applicable to cold and hot regions, especially in chilly region;
·Good workability: It can be constructed by heat fusion method in the four seasons of the whole year and hot-joint is reliable and durable.
—Alkali-free glass fiber filler base sheet material:
·Combination of economical filler base and high performance SBS modified bitumen.
·Higher tensile strength, excellent resistance to high and low temperature.
·Good performance of corrosion resistance, mould resistance, weather resistance and good workability.
—Glass fiber reinforced polyester filler base sheet material:
·It is safe and eco-friendly by using mechanical mounting of construction.
·The product has better dimensional stabiliy.

Application Range

·Waterproofing for various industrial and civil constructionengineerings;
·Waterproofing and dampproofing for underground constructions of industrial and civil construction engineerings;and waterproofing for indoor swimming pool and fire pool etc;
·Waterproofing for municipal engineering such as subway, tunnel,concrete road surface, bridge surface, sewage works and refuse landfill etc.
·Waterproofing for water conservancy facilities like canal and water pool etc .

Application range for various filler base and surface sheet material:
·Polyester felt filler base elastic modified bituminous waterproof sheet material is appropriate for the roof and underground waterproof constructions of industrial and civil engineering projects;
·Waterproof type Ⅱ is appropriate for roof type Ⅰ , Ⅱ and underground waterproof projects;
·Glass fiber reinforced polyester filler base sheet material is appropriate for mechanical mounting single layer waterproofing, but must pass the wind load test;
·Glass fiber felt filler base sheet material is appropriate for the roof of structural stable buildings and underground waterproof projects;
·Exposed surface is suitable to have waterproof sheet material with non-transparent mineral particle as upper surface isolating material;
·The waterproof sheet material with find sand as surface isolating material is appropriate for underground construction projects.

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