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Road and Bridge (RDB) Modified Bituminous Waterproof Sheet Material

Product specification: 1000mm
Execution standard: JC/T974-2005
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Product introduction

Type and Specification

 Item  APP  SBS
 Industrial Standard  Industrial Standard
 |  ||
 Surface Material  Fine Sand(S)
 Surface Material  Fine Sand (S), Polyethylene film (PE)
 Specification  Width(m)  1.0
 Thickness(m)  3.5、4、4.5 3.5、4.5 
 Length (m)  7.5、10、15、20 7.5、10、15、20 
 Remark  The sheet material length can reach up to 38m, 200m by mechanized construction method.


·APP modified and SBS modified bituminous waterproof sheet materials both have strong tensile strength, large elongation, freezing resistance, resistance of salt and other chemical mediators and resistance of aging and they are adaptive to flexibility,deformation and fracture of the base.
·Form a coriaceous watertight layer, reliable waterproof performance;
·The combination of unique formula and high quality filament polyester, makes the large thickness and excellent performance, and is able to have resistance for paving and grinding of the hot aggregates.
·It has stretching obedience for bituminous concrete cracks.
·It has durable adhesive performance and excellent antishearing performance at high temperature, and is able to transmit and bear the traffic loads effectively.
·The complete system-supporting materials and application technology ensures the engineering quality.

Application Range

·It applies to various industrial and civil building roof waterproof constructions; SBS and APP Type Ⅰ modified bituminous waterproof sheet material in standard of JC/T 974-2005 is mainly used in waterproof of bituminous concrete pavement by paving method; APP Type Ⅱ modified bituminous waterproof sheet material is mainly used in waterproof of bituminous concrete pavement by pouring method.
·It applies to industrial and civil building underground waterproof and damp proof constructions, indoor swimming pools, fire pools and so forth; APP Ⅰ in standard JT/T536-2004 is mainly used in bituminous concrete bridge surface by paving method, and Type Ⅱ is mainly used in asphalt mastic (SMA) concrete road surface waterproof.
·SBS modified and APP modified Ⅰ Type are also used in waterproofing engineering constructions of concrete bridge surface, airport runway and parking lot etc.

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