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Railway bridge culvert RWB-801 high polymer modified bituminous waterproof sheet material

Product specification: 1000mm
Execution standard: Meet requirement of industrial standard of TB/T 2965-2011 “Railway Concrete Bridge Surface Waterproofing Layer Technical Condition”
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Product introduction

Type and Specification

 Thickness(mm)  Width(mm)  Length(mm)
 4.5  1000  <33


·Excellent water resistance: It does not absorb water even in a long period of time, and the water does not penetrate even under 0.4 Mpa water pressure.
·High tensile strength, large elongation: Strong resistant to shrinkage, deformation and fracture of base; it has obedience when concrete bridge top plate cracks under stress.
·Excellent low and high temperature resistant performance:This product can be bent under -35 ℃ without fracture, and does not deform at 120℃ , it is usually used at -20℃—60℃ ,and even under -60 ℃ it still can keep its resilience and waterproofing performance.
·Super mechanical performance and large thickness make the sheet material more durable of fatigue and workability, if we repeatedly fold it for 20 million times at the frequency of 50HZ under load, it will have no fracture;
·Perfect dimension stability: Heat up for 168 hours at 80℃ ,the dimension change range is within ±0.5;
·It has the aging resistant, freezing salt resistant, acid and alkali reaction resistant, mould resistant, and a long life durability.
·Excellent adhesive performance: heat fusion method, adhesive with base firmly, there will be no fracture on the adhesive layer even under repeatedly 2 million times of pressing and hauling,it can be resistant to traffic loads.

Application Range

·Sheet material used for bridge: Used for bridge surface waterproof engineering of the ballasted bridge road or nonballasted bridge concrete railway, and also for bridge surface waterproof engineerings.
·Sheet material used for culvert: Applied to culvert, tunnel and highway concrete bridge surface waterproof engineering constructions;
·Sheet material used for ultra low temperature bridge: Applied to bridge surface waterproof engineering construction which requires super strict low temperature resistance.

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