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Advanced engineering application technology platform

        As the first application technology research institute in this industry, Oriental Yuhong Application Technology Research Center relies on its abundant scientific research talents and resources, and is staffed with 25 experienced waterproof experts, and attaches great importance to research application technology based on the needs of building market and cultivate construction professionals. Since its establishment, Yuhong has tested and demonstrated the effectiveness and practicability of application technology theory system over 10 years, and strengthened the training against engineering management personnel, construction personnel, sales and dealer teams so as to ensure the final project and service quality, and facilitate the upgrading of construction technology and quality.

Strong application technology support

         We set up application technology service department consisting of over 80 persons, and provide over 1,200 professional waterproof system solutions each year as per customer requirements and over 400 on-site technology exchange guides, effectively solving technical problems existing during the construction. Especially, our original technical scheme is adopted for over 2,000 major waterproof projects, e.g. central grain reserve depot, Olympic project, airport construction and high-speed railway construction.

High-quality construction service

        Yuhong is a Grade 2 building waterproof enterprise (highest qualification in building industry) staffed with over 40 waterproof construction designers with senior professional title, over 100 project managers experienced in on-site construction and management, and directly subordinated industrial worker construction team consisting of 1,000 persons, and has the capability to independently undertake waterproof projects with signal project of over 2 million sq.m.

Mechanized construction service

        Yuhong has independently developed a series of mechanized construction equipment, e.g. 200m super-long roll construction vehicle (proprietary intellectual property rights, reaching international advanced level), roll construction vehicle of less than 60m (proprietary intellectual property rights, reaching international advanced level), mechanized polyurea spraying vehicle and paint sprayer. Most of the equipment is original, and can improve work efficiency exponentially, shorten construction duration, and reduce labor cost under the premise that the quality is guaranteed and improved compared to conditional construction mode, and is characterized by correct batching and high technological content.

Standard construction management

        Disordered construction technology process and construction site management is the prevalent problem in waterproof construction, and one of main leakage causes. In this case, Yuhong built the first standard construction system in this industry, covering process, construction method, atlas, tool and other aspects, and formed standard full-chain service through annual military training, standard construction equipment, technology comparison, professional training and site management.

Professional system training

        To maintain high-standard service level, Oriental Yuhong builds professional training system based on the employee position and personality difference. “Yuhong College” is built to keep training archives, implement credit system, and coordinate with network course platform, and now each employee can take lessons every week and obtain credits every month. Yuhong also sets up training school against production and construction personnel, formulates five-year training plan, develops safety, equipment management and process operation training, and continuously optimizes production and construction teams. Over recent three years, Yuhong has held a variety of professional trainings (18,950 person-times) each year with annual average training personnel of 4,738 person-times.

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