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National Enterprise Technology Center

Enterprise Technology Research Center was established at the early days of Oriental Yuhong, and has made remarkable achievements in the same industry with the development of Yuhong. The company, together with the Center of Advanced Elastomer Materials (CAEM) of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, set up Polymer Waterproof Material R&D Center and Construction Equipment R&D Center in 2007. Oriental Yuhong R&D Center became the only "National Enterprise Technology Center" in 2009, and was rated as the "Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Station" in 2010. It was approved to establish Key Waterproof Material Laboratory in Beijing in 2010, and established Production Process R&D Center and Application Technology R&D Center in 2011 and Engineering Laboratory for Advanced Rubber and Plastic Waterproof Materials in Beijing in 2012.

With the increasing improvement of research and development system, Oriental Yuhong formed four R&D centers, i.e. product, application (2011), construction equipment (2007) and production process (2011)

Innovative scientific research team

For personnel allocation, Oriental Yuhong hired international top chemical experts as chief scientists to coordinate and plan the whole technological development. Up to 2021, product, application, equipment and process R&D centers were staffed with 5 external academicians of China
Engineering Academy, 24doctors, 221 masters, 1 expert enjoying the special allowance of the State Council and 25 technical directors.

Advanced laboratory instrument

Yuhong invested over 8.78 million USD to build the Enterprise Technology Center, and 3.66 million USD to purchase over 700 sets of international advanc ed laboratory instrument and equipment. Innovation and technical service investment each year accounted for about 4% of annual revenue, so product team could research and develop the most cost effective products and provide the most perfect services for clients.

National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise

So far, Enterprise Technology Center has undertook 3 National Torch Plan projects, 2 national key new product technology, 1 National 863 Plan project and 150 independently innovative products, in which 8 technologies have reached international advanced level, filling the gap in this field. As for patent, 138 main products and technologies have been patented, in which there are 583 authorized patents, including 394 invention patents, 800 utility models and 129 design patents. Another 348 patents have been substantial examination including 6 pieces of PCT international application.