At 11 am of June 21st, local time, the 62nd European Quality Congress was held in Paris, France. The Congress motto was "Feel the new Quality way!". More than 300 business executives and quality professionals from Europe and around the world attended the conference. Liu Bin, the President of Oriental Yuhong Waterproofing Group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech in English as a representative of quality development and management excellence in Asia.

Oriental Yuhong Attended the 62nd European Quality Congress

Mr. Liu said that "To pursue the essence of commercial civilization, we regard quality as the bottom line of value and the start point of dignity. This is the source of power that has propelled Oriental Yuhong to be the leading position. The growth of Oriental Yuhong relies on the observance of laws and regulations, the awe of rules, and the respect for value."

Liu Bin also mentioned that the Oriental Yuhong still work hard in order to provide the world specialized and trusted full-range services. The company will keep on supplying diversified, high-quality products and providing construction services that meet international standards. Besides, Oriental Yuhong is also working on providing personalized services to customers in design, consulting, logistics, business, operation and maintenance and so on. So that the company can truly achieve the goal "led by service and move with responsibility".

The European Organization for Quality is the leading organization in global quality development and management, which consists of quality organizations from 31 members including Germany, France, Russia, Australia, etc. The 62nd European Quality Congress was held at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers(ENSAM). Oriental Yuhong, as a representative of enterprises which providing high-quality products and services, uttered a sound at the international quality stage, presenting the "Oriental Yuhong, around the world!" and demonstrating the charm of quality which made in China as well.

In November 2017, Oriental Yuhong won the 17th "China Quality Award" for its outstanding achievements in quality control and excellent performance management. The "China Quality Award" is a national quality award issued by the China Association for Quality, which is commensurate with the Japanese Deming Prize, the American Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, and the European EFQM Excellence Awards.