At the China International Roofing & Waterproofing Expo 2018, Oriental Yuhong, the largest waterproofing system service provider in Asia, launched a series of intelligent hot-melt waterproofing membrane construction equipments, the HotterMan Zandra and HotterMan Spanker, which greatly improve the efficiency of waterproofing construction.

HotterMan Zandra and HotterMan Spanker

With three core technologies of automatic paving system, intelligent control system and efficient premixed heating system, HotterMan can complete a series of actions, such as walking, trajectory correction, heating the waterproofing membrane and ground, compacting and paving. Under the same condition of two-people operating, the HotterMan construction speed can reach 5m/min, which is more than 6 times of the human speed. Through intelligent control, the waterproofing membrane will not be baked excessively or insufficiently. Then it will be compacted, and the elastic pressing plate can be used on every base layer, achieving 100% full adhesion effect.

The HotterMan intelligent hot-melt waterproofing membrane construction equipment also has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, economic and durable, which makes intelligent construction possible, getting a reliable and stable quality. It has been applied to Beijing Daxing International Airport, the commercial real estate projects and so on. It won high praise from the users by its quick and good construction effects.