The opening ceremony of Oriental Yuhong Center of Global Excellence R&D for Waterproof Coatings was held in Philadelphia at 10am, Jan 7th (EST).

Dr. Willie Lau, Chief scientist of Oriental Yuhong and director of the center, commented that the research center will focus on basic research and innovation, connecting scientific  fundamentals with real problems, provided a solid foundation of science and technology to support the development of Oriental Yuhong globally.

The establishment of the research center will help to implement the company's "Product Leading Strategy", follow the R&D principal of "research in United States and development in China" further advance the scientific research ability of Oriental Yuhong, broaden the international perspective and enhance the global technology competitiveness of Oriental Yuhong in water-based waterproof coatings.

Oriental Yuhong Center of Global Excellence R&D for Waterproof Coatings is located in Spring House Innovation Park, close to Philadelphia It is a multi-purpose park that includes a university affiliated innovation center, a commercial experiment incubator and commercial offices. It was formally the Dow Chemical Company and Rohm Haas R&D center. The Oriental Yuhong technical center occupies a total area of 1,800 square meters, include 16 laboratories with different functions. At present, the center has a research and innovation team consist of PhDs and MSs level researchers led by Dr. Willie Lau. They have a mission of realizing the product leading strategy of Oriental Yuhong and building global competitiveness.