Recently, Oriental Yuhong released their financial report. According to the report, as of August 2018, the company's operating revenue reached $1.18 billion, and its total assets were $2.33 billion. Oriental Yuhong has devoted itself to making the waterproof industry more technologically intelligent and advanced, and its investment in technological innovation and process upgrades totals $25 million. The Center of Global Excellence R&D for Waterproof Coatings of Oriental Yuhong (hereinafter referred to as the "Center") has made significant progress in improving its analytical ability for material study by purchasing professional analytical equipment. Dr.Willie Lau, head of the Center, said that the mission of the Center is to conduct scientific studies on materials and serve as a platform for Yuhong to maintain its leading position in waterproof industry and gain competitive advantages.

Since its inauguration at the Spring House in October 2017, the aim of the Center has been to develop innovative and unique products. Key studies such as rheology analysis, infrared analysis, particle size analysis, impermeability analysis and tensile performance analysis have been carried out to enhance the competitive advantages of existing products. Oriental Yuhong has been actively developing intelligent technologies and construction. The self-developed HotterMan Zandra, an intelligent hot-melt waterproofing membrane construction equipment, integrates control, walking, trajectory correction, coiling and ground heating, compacting and paving. The Zandra successfully shortens construction time and achieves 100% full adhesion through intelligent control. 

Mr.Liu Bin, President of Oriental Yuhong Waterproofing Group, said that Oriental Yuhong adhered to making scientific and technological advances to transform traditional industrial manufacturing into intelligent manufacturing; Yuhong's high-quality waterproof system service had been applied to the construction of the new airport - Beijing Daxing International Airport, Olympic venues, high-speed railways, and other construction projects; Oriental Yuhong had become one of the world's leading waterproof system service providers and will continue to promote mechanization, automation and intelligentization of the waterproof industry to enter the era of intelligent technology.