Recently, the official website of the European Commission released World Top 2500 R&D investors in 2018, which is a survey of the R&D investment of 2500 major enterprises in 46 countries and regions in the world in the fiscal year 2017. Oriental Yuhong ranked the world's R&D investment in 2018 with 51.7 million euros in the fiscal year 2017-2018.

It is reported that there are 339 companies in Japan on the list, 778 in the United States and 577 in the European Union, 438 in China. Oriental Yuhong ranks 193th. Since 2014, Yuhong has been on World Top 2500 R&D investors list for five consecutive years. Its position in the list has been continuously rising. The future market performance and R&D growth potential of Oriental Yuhong are enormous.

All along, Oriental Yuhong perseveres in technological innovation and serving the people. Yuhong regards technological innovation as the motive force of enterprise development. Since its establishment, Yuhong has continuously strengthened its investment in R&D. Therefore, by the establishment of R&D platforms such as National Key Laboratory of Special Functional Waterproofing Materials, National Certified Enterprise Technology Center, Postdoctoral Workstation and Academician Expert Workstation, a global center of excellence has been established in Philadelphia, USA to lay out the international technology development strategy in an all-around way. In the future, Oriental Yuhong will continue to move forward with innovation-driven enterprise development.