Singapore Metro is one of the most developed and efficient public transport systems in the world, which is represented in the field of construction. Recently, Oriental Yuhong helped to complete the waterproofing construction of Singapore's underground engineering project with high-quality products and construction technology.

It is reported that the Thomson Line (TSL) is the sixth line of Singapore metro. The whole line is located underground and will be operated by driverless trains. The TSL is 30 kilometers long and has 22 stations. It will be opened to traffic in three stages from this year to 2021. Singapore metro, which has been called "the most stringent" by the industry, constantly updates its building criteria called greenmark, in full compliance with British standards. Because of long-term research on sustainable buildings, the requirements for waterproof materials are extremely strict in the field of construction.

Facing the "severe challenges" of other countries, Yuhong took the initiative to show the PMH self-adhesive waterproofing membrane with macromolecular carrier specially used for underground waterproofing. This product is mainly aimed at the leakage and water channeling of underground engineering, with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as the main body, coated with polymer self-adhesive film and anti-sticking and weatherproof coating. It has five advantages: excellent mechanical properties, various lapping modes, strong bonding with post-poured concrete, green environmental protection and convenient construction. This type of waterproofing membrane is a new underground waterproofing product based on the concept of pre-laid anti-sticking waterproofing.With the help of professional HDPE technical service platform team, it provides a complete waterproofing system scheme for the metro. The completed project effect has won the combined praise of the local government and the general contractor.

Researchers in the waterproofing industry said that the Singapore Metro project was a landmark, marking that the polymer materials of Oriental Yuhong have been recognized by the waterproofing industry in developed countries. More than that, Yuhong has been using high-quality waterproof system services to provide indiscrimination services to the whole world.

Now, Oriental Yuhong has made some achievements in Southeast Asian market, providing professional waterproof system services for forest city, Cambodia Phnom Penh ONE PARK, Genting Casino , China-Laos Railway, Vietnam Light Rail, Indonesia Wuling Factory and other projects. Yuhong has contributed to the construction of more and more overseas transportation tracks and acquired more and more identification and respect from foreign customers.