Recently, Oriental Yuhong’s HDPE products were granted a patent certificate for invention issued by IP Australia (patent number:AU2015371876). This patent is one of the core achievements in the R&D of Oriental Yuhong’s HDPE products

It is learned that Australia’s standard for patent application is relatively high, which requires a high novelty, creativity, and practicability of a product. IP Australia obtains powerful protection for a patent. Oriental Yuhong has applied for this patent issued by IP Australia since December 1, 2015. This patent technology realizes the unique pre-coated anti-adhesive effect of HDPE products, which can effectively eliminate the hidden danger of water channeling.

Oriental Yuhong’s HDPE products are perfect for all kinds of underground waterproofing projects, using self-adhesive lapping which means the convenient construction, energy saving, and environmental protection. Therefore, the products have good effects in the operation. Through engineering examples at home and abroad for many years, it is shown that Yuhong's HDPE products have been recognized by more and more customers, covering most of the broad areas of underground space, subway, tunnel, pipeline gallery, nuclear power, and other fields, and are applied to the United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other overseas countries.

This time, Oriental Yuhong has been authorized by IP Australia, which is of great significance like a milestone for the implementation of the company’s technology-leading strategy. It not only marks that HDPE products have won the recognition of international approval institute in research, but also plays an essential supporting role in the development of the overseas market of the company. Yuhong always regards scientific and technological innovation as its core competence and pays attention to intellectual property protection. As of March 2019, there were 661 valid patents and 8 PCT international applications. Oriental Yuhong will speed up the distribution of overseas intellectual property rights and build global core competence in the future.