Recently, The International Corporate Social Responsibility Forum sponsored by Enterprise Asia opened in Taiwan. Oriental Yuhong won the “2019 Asian Corporate Social Responsibility - Social Empowerment Category” for its free renovation of Shanghai Aihao Rehabilitation Center for Children with Autism, a public welfare management project of “serve the people and refuse the leakage”.

Since 2009, Oriental Yuhong has been organizing public welfare activities of “serve the people and refuse the leakage”in successive years. Over the past 11 years, the company has continuously popularized waterproofing knowledge and provided door-to-door leakage diagnosis and repair services for specific groups. At present, the stock of existing buildings in China is increasing. With the increase of these buildings’ service life, construction quality issues are frequent. In response to the market demand for professional and quality repair services in the post-construction era, Oriental Yuhong has set up building repair service centers throughout the country.

Shanghai Aihao Rehabilitation Center for Children with Autism is a non-profit educational rehabilitation institution, which had severely affected the practical use due to long-term leakage. When Oriental Yuhong received the delegated task, it coincided with the eve of the opening of the rehabilitation institution. In order to complete the repair task with quality and quantity, and provide a comfortable and beautiful rehabilitation environment for children under treatment, Yuhong’s technicians constantly optimized the design scheme, and the constructors worked together efficiently to overcome the difficulties and solve the leakage problems. In the future, Oriental Yuhong will continue to adhere to the aim of “building the future with responsibility”, protect the building for a hundred years, and help the people live a prosperous and contented life.

Asian Corporate Social Responsibility Award has been sponsored by Enterprise Asia since 2009. Every year, after detailed report submission and rigorous review and defense, the outstanding Asian institutions or individuals are commended by the Award. It is also a prestigious award for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility in Asia.  The Award won by Oriental Yuhong not only means that public’s recognition for the project  “serve the people and refuse the leakage”, but also means full  affirmation of building renovation of this company.