Oriental Yuhong to Support the “Huoshenshan” Hospital Project of Wuhan, China

         For the 2019-nCoV epidemic, Wuhan city of China is now race against time to build the “Huoshenshan (fire god mountain)” Hospital. Following the “Xiaotangshan” mode (back in the SARS epidemic), this hospital will cover the building area of 25000 m2 in total, providing 1000 beds for patients infected with this nCoV. All of the construction teams at site competed against each other day and night. Oriental Yuhong, Beijing GeoEnviron and TDF company  participated in the construction assistance and  received the cordial solicitude of the standing committee of the political bureau of the CPC central committee and premier li keqiang of the state council.

At this critical moment, Oriental Yuhong (002271.SZ) set up an emergency working group promptly, and called for an urgent online meeting with its brother company Beijing GeoEnviron (BGE) (603588.SH) on rushing to support the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital at Caidian, Wuhan. BGE will take part in the waterproof and seepage control engineering of the project, sending out professional technicians to develop construction plans on site based on the actual situation there and their cumulative experience in seepage control and environmental engineering.

After receiving the emergency order on January 25, Tian Ding Feng, a subsidiary of Oriental Yuhong, arranged logistics vehicles immediately, carrying geotextiles in stock from the factories in Dezhou of Shandong Province and Chuzhou of Anhui Province to the construction site in Wuhan in three trips. The first batch of three vehicles has all arrived on site on January 26. Tiandingfeng company arranged a total area of 160000m2 geotextile protective materials to be put into the construction of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital to provide a solid guarantee for engineering leakage prevention.

         The project of Huoshenshan Hospital is under heavy construction task and heavy workload. It is currently in the Chinese New Year holiday, and Wuhan city implements the policy of \"sealing the city\" to effectively control the epidemic. Material transportation and manpower mobilization face great challenges, while continuous rainfall increases the complexity of the project. In the critical period, Oriental yuhong actively responded, effectively solved the material, manpower and other problems,  contributing to the smooth progress of the hospital project.

Upholding the persistent mission of “creating a lasting and safe environment for the people and the society”, Oriental Yuhong will integrate its social accountability into the long-term development strategy of the company,   be service - oriented, and always ready to shoulder responsibility.