Oriental Yuhong and Wacker Chemicals Jointly Organized the 7th Innovation Day

The 7th Innovation Day was jointly organized on December 14, 2020, by Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co.Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Oriental Yuhong”) and Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wacker Chemicals“) in Beijing, China. Ms. Lu Aiqin, Vice President of the Department of Polymers of Wacker Chemicals, and Mr. Xiang Jinming, President of Oriental Yuhong, were invited to the activity, joined by the R&D and technical experts from both companies.

Oriental Yuhong and Wacker Chemicals exchanged in-depth views on their current joint projects and plans for future cooperation. Given the technological capacities of the joint laboratory co-founded by Wacker Chemicals and Oriental Yuhong, the two companies will further strategic cooperation and give play to a stronger technical competitive advantage in the field of building waterproof coating.

Mr. Xiang Jinming, President of Oriental Yuhong, said that the events of the Innovation Day by Wacker Chemicals have injected new insights into the innovation of Oriental Yuhong, while the rapid development of Oriental Yuhong has provided new opportunities in market expansion for Wacker Chemicals. The complementarities of the two companies will surely contribute to people’s harmonious living in the society.

Ms. Lu Aiqin, Vice President of the Department of Polymers of Wacker Chemicals, said that the past decade has seen win-win cooperation between Oriental Yuhong and Wacker Chemicals. Through technical exchanges on the Innovation Day, both expected to explore new ideas of research and development for the upgrading of future products. China boasts the largest waterproof coating market in the world, and Oriental Yuhong is one of the most important leading companies in the business. With mutual trust and through candid communication, both companies strive to jointly develop the most effective solutions for the Chinese waterproof coating market.

In order to promote a more environmentally-friendly and greener waterproofing industry to a higher level, to explore more possibilities for cooperation in other fields of the construction and building materials industry, and to meet the market demand for waterproofing solutions with high-performance, the two companies also engaged in discussions on topics including the technical challenges of waterproofing, the future of the construction industry, and the potential opportunities and challenges in future development. Wacker Chemicals and Oriental Yuhong will continue to strengthen cooperation, provide systematic solutions to create innovative and sustainable building materials for the entire construction industry, and jointly contribute to a better future.