Oriental Yuhong's HDPE Products Obtain European Invention Patent

BEIJINGJuly 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Company Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Oriental Yuhong) was granted an invention patent (Patent No.: EP3683284) by the European Patent Office (EPO), one of the core outcomes during its R&D of the HDPE products. 

The patent not only marks a key step of Oriental Yuhong to enhance its IPR advantage and protect its core patents, but also an important one to conduct independent R&D and innovation.

In 2019 Oriental Yuhong won second prize of the "National Award for Scientific and Technological Progress" as the employer of the lead inventor. The high-performance, multi-material, multi-layer macromolecular coiled material for underground waterproof use developed on the basis of the patent HDPE products solves the bottleneck problem of water penetration arising from traditional waterproof technology, advances the waterproof technology for construction and enhances the competitiveness of the cutting-edge technology of macromolecular coiled material.

At present, the company's HDPE macromolecular self-adhesive waterproof membranes and pre-paving technology of responsive bonding waterproof membranes are utilized in the underground systems of industrial buildings and residential houses, mountain tunnels, underground corridors, utility tunnels and underground warehouses. Every year, about millions of square meters of its waterproof materials were sold overseas including the U.S, IndiaSingapore, and Malaysia, which secured internationally the recognition of and confidence in the company's technology advantage and product quality.

Oriental Yuhong steadfastly takes sci-tech innovation as the key engine of its development, values the creation, application, protection and management of IP, and prioritizes quality. While enhancing its market value, the company aims to underpin product R&D with greater development momentum.

It is reported that the European Patent Office (EPO), one of the world's top 5 IPR agencies together with the China National Intellectual Property Administration, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Japan Patent Office and Korean Intellectual Property Office, has the world's most complete patent reference resources, advanced patent information retrieve system and rich experience in patent prosecution, appeal and legal research.