Recently, the highly water-resistant, flexible cementitious coating of Oriental Yuhong obtained an invention patent certificate (Patent number: 2019413405) issued by IP Australia.

After years of upgrading and iteration, the company's highly water-resistant, flexible cementitious coating has achieved outstanding results in research & development (R&D), production, construction, quality and other aspects, and has earned unanimous praise from the industry and customers.

To solve the problem that the water-resistant cementitious coating cannot be soaked for a long time and broaden the application fields of the coating, the laboratory of Oriental Yuhong in North America has spent years on research and experimental analysis. Finally, it developed HWR101 highly water-resistant, flexible cementitious coating that is safe and environmentally friendly, features convenient construction and excellent performance and can be applied to swimming pools, fire pools and other reservoir projects that hold water.

Being innovative and practical, the coating has successively obtained invention patent certificates from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Indian Patent Office and the Patent Office of the People's Republic of China (now known as "China National Intellectual Property Administration"), with the patent number being US16720857, IN389530, and ZL201980078985.0 respectively.

The invention patent certificate issued by Australia marks a crucial step of Oriental Yuhong towards strengthening its advantages in independent intellectual property rights and protecting core patents. It is also a positive response to the company's efforts to tackle key and core technologies and continuously improve its independent innovation capacity.

Over the years, Oriental Yuhong has been relying on its industrial system, talent advantages and sci-tech innovation resources to build a scientific research chain of innovative technology R&D, application and iterative upgrading according to the industry development and user needs. By virtue of that, it has enhanced the company's innovation-driven development strength and promoted the transformation and application of sci-tech achievements.

With the in-depth development of its globalization, Oriental Yuhong has actively carried out overseas patent layout and fostered core competitive advantages for export products. Up to now, it has obtained patent authorization from China, the United States, Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries. Going ahead, Oriental Yuhong will take obtaining the invention patent authorization in Australia as an opportunity to continuously adhere to the vision "to be the most valuable global enterprise in the construction materials industry". It will make every effort to write a new chapter of high-quality development while continuously consolidating the development foundation and hard and soft power.