Recently, Oriental Yuhong's burner and locomotive for spreading waterproof coil in hot melt manner ("Totterman JCJR-100" for short) obtained an invention patent certificate (patent No.: US011668056) issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Totterman JCJR-100 is a piece of intelligent equipment independently developed by Oriental Yuhong that integrates a thermal energy circulation system, a compaction system, a combustion system, an automatic traveling system, and other systems. Since its launch, it has won recognition and praise from the industry, market and clients for its outstanding performance and application effects, and related technology has obtained many patent certificates in China*.

Designed for full adhesive waterproof engineering with SBS hot melt coiled materials, it enjoys high stability and can effectively improve the cohesiveness and pulling force between the coiled material and the base surface in the application of SBS hot melt coiled material waterproof construction, thereby ensuring the full adhesion quality of the coiled material. In its specific applications, the full adhesion rate of the coiled material can reach more than 98%** on the whole. It can be widely used in large-area waterproof construction projects such as garage roofs, floors, high-speed railways, roads and bridges.

With the construction area being 1,000 m2 and under the experimental conditions of Oriental Yuhong's standardized construction specifications, Totterman JCJR-100 only needs three construction workers, thereby saving labor costs by 70% and shortening working hours by 2.5 hours**. Meanwhile, the gas energy consumption of Totterman JCJR-100 is 0.02kg/m2, only 13%** of that of manual construction. It can be seen that Totterman JCJR-100 can not only effectively improve the construction quality and save labor costs, but also realize low-carbon and environmentally friendly operations to reduce energy consumption.

Sci-tech innovation is the core driving force for high-quality development. Bearing in mind industry developments, market needs and cracking the hard nuts that hinder the development of the industry, Oriental Yuhong has relied on its industrial system, talent strength, and scientific innovation resources to actively promote the organic integration of industrial chains, innovation chains and value chains and maximize the role of scientific innovation technologies in supporting and guaranteeing quality and services over the past years.

In addition, since its entry into the field of intelligent equipment in 2018, Oriental Yuhong has been guided by "standardized construction, intelligent equipment and professional services" to comprehensively shape new advantages and new momentum for high-quality development. Currently, Oriental Yuhong's intelligent equipment series such as Totterman JCJR-100, Rider JCJR-10, Hongxiang 895 and Hongxuanfeng have been well applied in many large engineering projects.

Obtaining an invention patent certificate from the American authority represents not only full recognition of Totterman JCJR-100's creativity and practicability but also a seminal breakthrough of Oriental Yuhong in expanding its global intellectual property planning.

Based on the constant progress made in implementing the globalization strategy and adhering to the vision of "being the most valuable global enterprise in the construction materials industry", Oriental Yuhong will improve expertise, gather resource advantages, stimulate innovation vitality, and spare no effort to pursue steady and sustainable progress in high-quality development.

*Some of the patents obtained in China: China Invention Patent, Patent No.: ZL2019112368144; China Utility Model, Patent No.: ZL201922159370; ZL2019221594489; ZL201720991854X; ZL2017209918944; ZL2017209918573, etc.;

**The data mentioned in this article is based on Oriental Yuhong's laboratory data and may differ from actual usage data.